December 20, 2019


Hi everyone, it's Paul.


We found the real Paul Fronczak more than one year ago, in late 2018, but out of respect for his desire to remain anonymous, and respect for his family, we did not go public with the story. Nor will I go into detail about it now. I hope you understand. My main mission from the start has been to reunite my mother Dora with the child who was taken from her so many years ago. I have always kept you informed of all my progress, and I've relied greatly on your help and support, and I will continue to rely on you all. But I know what it's like to have your life turned upside-down overnight, and I feel this man and his family deserve their privacy. 


Thank you, and check back soon.




Paul Fronczak would like to offer advice, insight and any help he can to people who, like him, are on voyages of self-discovery. Please feel free to share your story with Paul by clicking on the link at right. Thank you and good luck.