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We're In This Together

Hi everyone, it’s Paul.

In this strange and difficult time I’m wishing that all of you are staying safe and healthy, and managing this crisis with kindness and grace. As for me, I’ve been staying indoors and spending more time with my daughter Emma, which has been a blessing for us both.

I’ve also had to stop working, more or less, on my search for my missing twin sister Jill. I’ve been able to make some phone calls and dig through websites, but knocking on doors and talking to people face-to-face—always the best way to get information—is out of the question because of the virus. I did make it to Atlantic City earlier this year before the virus hit, and I took some very important steps towards finding Jill (I can’t be specific now but I promise I will fill you in when I can). But after that I had to put the investigation on hold.

This mission is incredibly important to me, as you know, and I’ve devoted the last ten years of my life to it. But one thing I’ve learned during the course of the investigation is that some things are more important than the search—health, family, friendship, love. When the time is right, I will jump back into the investigation with both feet. But for now, I’m finding comfort in the friends and family I have.

I also want to mark the birthday of the real Paul Fronczak. As you may know, I was able to locate the real Paul, and out of respect for his privacy and the privacy of his family, I’ve not really spoken publicly about him. But every April 26—the real Paul’s actual birthday, which I celebrated as my own for nearly 50 years—I take a moment to wish him a happy day.

I would ask that all of you who have followed my story take a moment to put the real Paul in your thoughts and prayers. It would mean a lot to me if you did, and I thank you for doing it.

I will try my best to post on this site more often while we’re all weathering this crisis—your support for me has been immeasurably helpful, and as always I am very grateful for it. For now, just know that I will never abandon my search for Jill until I learn the truth, and I hope to get back to the investigation soon. Until then, please keep yourselves and your families safe and healthy, and remember to count your blessings. Talk soon!


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