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Hello everyone, it’s Paul.

Firstly, I’m sorry I haven’t posted on the site in a while. I’ve had to change jobs and things have been a bit hectic, but now I’ll be posting much more regularly. I want to keep everyone as up-to- date on my search as I can. Your input and support really and truly keep me going, and I appreciate it more than you know.

I have been making progress in solving the two big mysteries of my life—where is the real Paul, and what happened to my twin sister Jill? Since I set out to answer these questions more than seven years ago, progress has always happened in spurts. There are periods when I can devote all my energy to the mission, sometimes even for months at a time, and in those periods I find answers more quickly. Not complete answers, but little bits and pieces that I hope will eventually add up to THE answer. Every fact I uncover is another piece fo the puzzle. Some are very small pieces that don’t seem to fit in anywhere. Some are bigger and more obviously important to the big picture. But I understand that every little fact, every new scrap on information, could be the key to unlocking the entire mystery. So in these times of intense investigating, I try to scoop up everything I can.

Unfortunately, I can’t always devote all my energy to the search. Life gets in the way. So there may be a period of two or three months when all I can do to push my search forward is make phone calls and dig around the internet. It’s extremely frustrating, because time is such a factor in this search. Certain clues and facts will disappear when people pass away, or move away or disappear. But that is the reality of what I’m doing—it’s kind of a stop-and-go process.

But soon, I’m expecting to enter into a period of intense investigation into both mysteries, and I couldn’t be more excited. I will be heading back to the east coast and the Atlantic City area, and hopefully building up my Rosenthal family tree, and getting closer and closer to finding out what happened to my twin sister Jill. Of course, my biggest wish is that she is still alive and out there somewhere, because if she is, I will find her. I promise you, I will find her.

So thank you for continuing to support me in my down periods, when I can’t be as involved as I’d like to be in these cases. Finding these answers is my life’s mission, and I will never stop digging for answers. Please stay tuned for many more updates and, hopefully, some real answers. I’m very optimistic, based on some things I have uncovered, and I want you all to be there when I finally solve the two big mysteries of my life.

Thank you and be well!


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