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Hey Everyone, it’s Paul. I have a quick question.

Every day, I try and think of new ways I can get my story out into the world and increase the chances that someone who knows something will contact me. People like you have always been my best source of new ideas and new tips and leads and clues. And I still believe there is someone out there who hasn’t heard my story yet, and who knows something that will help me solve the two remaining mysteries that consume me—where is the real Paul Fronczak, and where is my twin sister Jill?

With that in mind, I’ve been thinking of doing a podcast. It would just be me and maybe a co-host talking about the case, discussing new leads, interviewing people who have played a part in my story, and also inviting guests who have their own amazing DNA stories to share. I would try to put out one or two new episodes each week, and hopefully reach more and more people as I go.

So what do you think? My question is—would you listen to a weekly podcast about the latest updates in the Paul Fronczak case? And if so, what do you think I should call it? I have an idea—my favorite TV show is The X-Files, so I was thinking The Fronczak Files, but I’m open to suggestions. Anyway, I’d really like to know what you guys think about a podcast.

Thanks again for following my story and being so encouraging, week in and week out.


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