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Hi everyone, this is Paul. Firstly, I want to say sorry for not being on this site for a while. I hope you know how important your support and encouragement is to me, and I hope I never lose it. I also know that you’re anxious for updates about my case. I am still searching for both the real Paul Fronczak and my missing twin sister, and my determination to find them is as strong as ever. But in the last few months, life got in the way of my search.

Last month, my father Chester Fronczak, the man who raised me from the age of three, passed away. I mentioned in my book The Foundling that he had been in bad health, but he was a tough, strong guy, and he was a fighter. To me, it seemed like he was going to be around for a while. One night, I got a call from my mother, Dora, saying that I should get on the next plane to Chicago, because my father was slipping away. I got to spend one last day with him before he died. In my next blog post, I will write a little more about my father, and what he meant to me, and how his loss has affected me.

For now, I just want to assure you that I am as devoted to my search as ever—actually, even more so. Since the publication of The Foundling earlier this year, there has been interest in my case from Hollywood producers, and I’m hoping things will fall in place soon so that I can continue my search with the support of a bigger team than I have working with me now. By trying to find out what happened to the real Paul Fronczak, I’m trying to solve one of the oldest cold-cases in the history of American law enforcement, and doing that takes a lot of time and effort and work. I’m really optimistic that I’ll be able to expand my team in the near future, and get closer to finding the real Paul, and finding my twin sister Jill.

I also want to thank everyone who has been visiting my site and sending me messages of support, suggesting ideas and sharing their own stories of grappling with their true identities. I have read every single message, and while I’m a little behind in answering them, I will try to get to them all. The reason I went public with my story in the first place was to try and help other people in similar situations deal with their own identity issues, and with their searches for family. That is more important to me now than ever. My relationship with all of you—the people who have taken an interest in my case and in my life, and are rooting for me to solve these two enduring mysteries—sustains and strengthens me in a way that I can hardly describe. It is more important to me than you know.

So please forgive me for being away for a while, and keep on sending me messages and support. I said before that the team helping me is kind of small, but that’s not actually true. I sincerely consider all of you a part of my team, in every way that matters. And I want you to stick with me as I keep searching for the real Paul, and for my sister Jill.

Oh, and one more thing. Today, October 27, is my birthday. Not the birthday I celebrated for nearly 50 years, but my actual birthday—the day listed on the birth certificate of Jack Rosenthal, who is me. Ironically, it also happens to be my mother Dora Fronczak’s birthday, so, happy birthday mom! This is only the third time that I am celebrating on the actual anniversary of my birth, and it feels very special to me. In a few days I’ll post another blog to let you know how my celebration went, and what it meant to me to be able to mark it.

I will also post another blog soon with some updates on my case, and some answers to questions I’ve been asked. In the meantime, thank you for all you’ve done for me, and for sticking with me. I promise you that, together, we’re going to crack these cases and finally get the answers we’ve all been searching for.

Thanks again, see you soon – Paul.

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