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A Happy Medium?

When I started the search for the real Paul Fronczak, and for my own identity, one of my guiding principles was that I would leave no stone unturned. No matter how crazy something sounded, I would go anywhere and do anything if it might lead me closer to the truth.

Sure enough, over the last five years, I’ve received some pretty interesting suggestions. A lot of people suggested that I see a psychic medium, and if you’ve read my book you will know that I did just that. I’ve always been interested in aliens and unusual phenomenon (I’m a big X-Files fan), so for me the idea of seeing a psychic was not all that strange. As it turned out, the psychic I spoke with knew things about me that she wouldn’t have any way to know. She also knew, before I said anything that might have even suggested it, that I was a twin. I thought that was remarkable.

This psychic didn’t provide any big breakthrough, but that doesn’t mean another psychic won’t. A friend of mine who spoke to a different psychic about my case was told that my twin sister Jill is still alive and living somewhere in North Carolina. Her new first name, the psychic said, begins with a K.

In the last few weeks, I’ve heard from a lot of different people who have urged me to see another psychic. I plan on doing just that. I know not all of you believe in psychics, and maybe you even think I’m wasting my time. But you know my guiding principle—no stone unturned.

There have been other interesting suggestions. I recently heard from someone who urged me to consult a water witch. I’d never heard of a water witch, but I learned they practice divining, or dowsing, which is using a special divining rod to locate water and other things that are underground—including gravesites. Some people consider it a pseudoscience, but you know what? I’m going to try it.

Someone else suggested I look into thanatology, which is the study of death and dying. This writer provided a few tips to get me started: “The Cubs lost to the Phillies on the 26th, 5 to 1. The moon may have been in the 7th sign, Libra. Dan is the seventh son of Jacob.” I didn’t follow up on this suggestion, mainly because I couldn’t really understand it.

I was also advised to consider “remote viewing,” which is defined as a controlled mental process involving psychic ability, or psi. The idea is that someone can receive perceptual information that is transferred across time and space by someone else, in violation of the accepted laws of quantum physics. I’m not sure I understand how all that works, either.

Still, I’d like to thank all of these people and everyone else who has sent me ideas and suggestions for finding both the real Paul and Jill. I really and truly appreciate them all, and all of their support keeps me going. So please, if you have any ideas for me, don’t hesitate to send them in. I’m never going to stop until I find the real Paul and Jill, and who knows what path will finally lead me to them?

Thanks again for all your support.


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