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Reader Reviews of The Foundling

"This is a book about heartache and heart break, about family twists and turns, and about how, often, the most dramatic of fiction is merely fact. My heart ached for the little boy, trying to fit in, and for the teen, knowing he didn't.
It broke for the baby, and for the toddler, and especially, for the twins. At its base, this is the story about family."

Patricia from Montana

"I just finished your book, what a great read. So intriguing to read about all the discoveries you've made. I will keep following your journey as you continue your search for answers. Best of luck and thank you for sharing so candidly."


"What a fascinating book. A can't-put-it-down factual account of the nearly inscrutable life of a brave man who searches for his true identity that is by turns heartbreaking and comforting. HIGHLY recommend for adoptees and those who find the growing science of DNA and family history of keen interest."


"I recommend this book. Captivating story. Well written. Keeps you interested through the end and will leave you thinking about it long after finishing."


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