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Reader Reviews of The Foundling

"Hello! I just read your book! I only stopped to sleep! Amazing story. I have followed your story since it first came out but so much more is in the book. I was holding my breath in some places. And after reading the book I believe what one relative said to you.........You being left on that sidewalk may have been the best thing that could have happened to you. You have my best wishes always. And again, loved your book!! God bless you!"


"I loved your book! Typically I take a week or two to read through a book, but this was polished off in three days! I recommend it highly! As someone who has been through similar (though not exact) circumstances, I was really drawn to your story. It is always preferable to have those answers, even if they're not ideal or the way we'd like them. Best wishes to you!"


"WOW is all I can say! I can't believe the journey you have been on the last few years. I say someone was looking out for you and thank god for the Fronczaks. You are very blessed. I read your book in less than 8 hrs, I couldn't stop. Thank you for sharing your story!"


"I just finished the book. I think I read it in record time. To heck with working on my history papers! I started it and could not stop until I finished it. It's wonderful! I hope one day you do find the rest of the answers."

Christy from South Carolina

 "I've been interested in your story for a long time and I really wanted to know if you ever found out who you were. Then I read The Foundling and I was amazed and intrigued at every step. Thank you for sharing your story."

Lucy from California

"Got your book and couldn't put it down. Thank for sharing such brave and beautiful life messages amidst such an unbelievable true story. Your book gives me such hope."

Laura from Chicago

"What a rollercoaster you have been on. I was truly mesmerized. It was a thriller, Dude."

Tony "from Montreal"

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