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Hi everyone, this is Paul.


Today, I’m asking all of you for a big favor—help me find my missing twin sister, Jill Rosenthal.


I’ve been searching for her for a long time, mostly privately, but now I think I need to bring other people into the search. For that reason, I recently filed a missing person’s report for Jill with the Atlantic City Police Department, and I also commissioned a forensic artist named Natalie Murry to create age progression images of what Jill might look like today. The images are above, both smiling and not smiling, blond and brunette.


I am hoping that someone, somewhere, will see something in these images that sparks a distant memory, and possibly leads me to the truth about what happened to Jill.


The facts are few. Jill and I were born on October 27, 1963, in an Atlantic City hospital. Our parents were named Gilbert and Marie Rosenthal—they have both passed on.


Then, in 1965, when I was not quite two years old, I was found abandoned in a stroller in front of a department store in Newark, New Jersey. I was wearing a new blue suit, and I had a cold.


A year later, I was thought to be the same infant who was kidnapped from his parents in Chicago in 1964, and police handed me over to that family—the Fronczaks.


I have not been able to learn what happened to my sister, Jill, at the time that I was abandoned. There was no record of her being missing, and no information about her since. It is almost as if she never existed.


But she did. I have her birth certificate. I’ve spoken with people who met her when she and I were with the Rosenthals. Many different people remember her existing.


But no one I have found has told me what happened to her. Many people haven't wanted to talk about her at all.


That’s why I’m going public with these images and asking anyone who might know anything about Jill, or this case, or the Rosenthals, to please step forward and contact me through this website. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. The images will also be featured in media reports and in newspapers.


It may be naïve of me, but I’ve always believed that Jill is still alive and out there somewhere. And I’m not going to stop searching for her until I learn the truth, no matter how long that takes.


A special thank you to Natalie Murry, the very talented forensic artist who created these images based on photos of me as a child and photos of my parents and other relatives (I haven't found a single photo of Jill herself as a young child).


And a very special thanks to all of you who have been following my story and sending me so much love and support—you have no idea how much that means to me, and how much it helps keep me going.


Thank you, and be well – Paul

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