Paul Fronczak would like to offer advice, insight and any help he can to people who, like him, are on voyages of self-discovery. Please feel free to share your story with Paul by clicking on the link at right. Thank you and good luck. 

March 24, 2017

Hey everyone, this is Paul. Thanks for visiting. Since I began my search five years ago, I’ve had to answer a lot of tough questions. Questions about character, about the meaning of identity, about the impact of my search on other people. 

But maybe the toughest qu...

March 18, 2017

Hi Everyone, this is Paul. Thanks for visiting my new website, and thank you for all your continued support and encouragement. 

When I started the search for my true identity, the biggest fear I had was that it would be impossible for me to ever learn who I really was....

March 9, 2017

Hi, this is Paul, and I'd like to welcome you to my new website. I'm hoping this site will be a meeting place for everyone who has been following my case for the past several years, and for everyone who is on the same journey as me—the journey to discover their identit...

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