I never imagined I'd be writing a book, but that changed during my search. It changed because, once my case went public, I heard from hundreds and hundreds of people who were in situations similar to mine—people who didn't know their identities, or their biological family, or crucial details about their family or medical history. I realized my story could serve as an inspiration to people searching for meaning in their lives, and I committed myself to sharing all the details of my search for that reason—to show both the good and the bad consequences of my decision to search for my biological family. In The Foundling, I tell the full story—the original kidnapping in 1964 that started everything, my abandonment on a New Jersey street in 1965, my time in foster care, my life with the Fronczaks, my DNA test five years ago, the painstaking DNA work that went into finding my identity, and my confrontations with relatives once I learned the shocking truth about who I was and what happened to me. I hope the book conveys the thrills and drama of my search, but I also hope that it offers inspiration and practical knowledge to anyone who, like me, wants to learn more about who they really are.


Paul Fronczak would like to offer advice, insight and any help he can to people who, like him, are on voyages of self-discovery. Please feel free to share your story with Paul by clicking on the link at right. Thank you and good luck.